Corruption: Man Rubbishing Kaduna Governor Got Served In Government House

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Corruption: Man Rubbishing Kaduna Governor Got Served In Government House


A Kaduna resident simply identified as Jarfa was recently caught in the act when he was given a simple test right inside the Government House.

According to Sunday Aghaeze, a presidential photographer, Jarfa had been using the media to tarnish the image of Governor Nasir el-Rufai accusing him of running a corrupt government.

On request of the Governor, the said Jarfa was invited into the Government House with clear instructions that he should come with a Keke Napep.

On arrival, Jarfa was welcomed by the Governor who immediately gave him N200,000 cash to go give the Keke driver who brought him, but it soon dawned on him when the driver was stopped at the exit gate to demand how much he was paid; he fell into the trap.

The driver was then brought before el-Rufai and Jarfa, when asked how much he was given, he revealed it was N2,000 only.

After failing the test, the Governor told Jarfa “you see yourself from N200,000 to N2,000; you pocketed N198,000, only you! For that reason, if given the chance you will make Kaduna bankrupt but Allah knows best. You have lost a brand new car, see the key here;;;I was thinking you were an honest person, but your own is even worse. You can leave now!”

He was then shown out of the Government House with words stating he was not in position to call the State Government corrupt, since then his voice has disappeared from the airwaves without anyone knowing his whereabouts.

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