Ferrari Dubai Vs Int’l Trade Fair Lagos! Ace Comedian Ali Baba Blast FG Over Wastage

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Ferrari Dubai Vs Int’l Trade Fair Lagos! Ace Comedian Ali Baba Blast FG Over Wastage


Ace comedian, Ali Baba has taken another swipe at the style of leadership in Nigeria, which he categorises as one without visionary and creative leaders, as he compared Ferrari Dubai and International Trade Fair Lagos.

The popular comedian took to his social media page where he uploaded an aerial view of the trade fair in Lagos and Ferrari ground in Dubai and questioned the creativity of politicians in power.

Though, he didn’t mention names, but said all what politicians do when in power is to divert State funds for personal use, then run out of the country.

See below for his posts…

How much do you think the International Trade Fair Complex has contributed to the overall GDP of Nigeria? No need to guess. Let me help you. Nadaaaaa! Yet just looking at the aerial view of that property, I can see over 5 things that can maximize the value. You have a site for the biggest Formula 1 circuit ever. Even @lewishamilton will want to win his first African pole position there. And what will come with that, Hotel facilities, restaurants, bookshops, malls, cinemas, massage parlours and spa. Not to mention a gallery for African art and culture. There is enough space for 2 international standard helipads that can land and take off 2 helicopters at the same time. Do you know a Formula 1 circuit like that can attract the makers of #Fast&Furious10 to Nigeria? And when the races are done, you can have international music festivals in an international stage that will attract over 500,000 tourists. Do you know how much foreign exchange that will bring to Nigeria? How about an Arts festival? Motor fairs? Business conferences?… Do you know how many Youth Corpers such a place will mop up? Can you just imagine how many economic dynamics will be activated by just this trade fair complex? If the place is solar powered, do you know we can have a studio that can take 100 housemates and the would be no need to host #bigbrotherNiGERiA and #thevoiceNIGERIA in a foreign country? The number of jobs it will create? But no. We must share oil money and tax the people till they die of poverty. I proposed this in 2010… It’s 7 years down still no value added to the place. If #AnthonyJoshua decides to come fight in his home country, would that not be an international venue enough? But it will not cross their minds. It’s how to steal money meant to fight boko haram, and other projects… then run out of Nigeria


Let this comparison sink into your mind as you think about our country’s wasteful leadership, lack of impactful vision and failure to apply our resources to pull our country out of the strong holds of choking poverty. #FerrariDubai versus #TradeFairComplex…. is it fair????

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