Despite three baby mamas, Oritsefemi to hold on white wedding with new lover

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Despite three baby mamas, Oritsefemi to hold on white wedding with new lover

The couple had their court wedding in April and are now ready for a white wedding

MSN Gang boss, Oritsefemi has revealed down all is set for his white wedding which comes up next month. Oritsefemi months ago wedded the beautiful Nabila Fash in a ceremony that was kept away from the public.

The ‘Igbeyawo’ singer recently made the disclosure in an interview revealing that he will be walking down the aisle on November 25th.

The couple had earlier gotten married legally in coded April 20th, 2017 ceremony which got many tongues wagging. The singer has now revealed that he will be holding a proper ceremony that will cater for 3,000 guests.


I kept my court wedding under wraps because I was in a lot of controversies during that period and I was also trying to work on my management. I was working on my brand image as well. My wife is a very private person and if we had made it public, it would have worked against us because sometimes when you share information like this, anything can happen.

I tried as much as possible to keep it to myself especially because my wife loves her privacy. It was my idea to make it private and when I spoke to my wife about it, she agreed. At the end of the day, the information still leaked.

I am still going to have an elaborate white wedding in Nigeria on November 25. I could have decided to do the wedding outside Nigeria but I am a man of the people. When I got to the event centre, I told them that I would be expecting at least 2,000 people but they told me that they believe that at least 3,000 people would be at the wedding, so they volunteered to cater for the other 1,000 people that may come for the wedding free of charge.

My wedding is going to be amazing and it would be strictly by invitation. I already have a song about wedding and people would want me to perform on my wedding day but I would do something different.

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