Super Eagles player arrested after demanding $2k refund from four prostitutes

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A Super Eagles player, Isaac Success has been arrested after demanding $2k refund from four prostitutes

The former U17 and U20 star has played for the Super Eagles just once in a match against Senegal in March

Nigerian football star, Isaac Success has been taken into custody by English Police following a fracas which ensued between him and four prostitutes.

The 21-year-old who plays for EPL side, Watford was enmeshed in a drama recently in London after he he got four hookers each of whom he paid $500 for a nice time together. The Benin born soccer player was however unfortunate as he couldn’t get his manhood up when it was time to ball.

According to one of the prostitutes, Alexis Domerge, Success appeared tipsy after drinking two bottles of baileys which must have affected his manhood when it was time for action.

One of the hookers, Alexis Domerge

BlackBox Nigeria further learnt that Isaac Success who had earlier boasted to the ladies about his earnings and bedroom prowess forwarded them $500 each ahead of the expected romp. However, when it was time for the real deal, he couldn’t bring ‘himself’ up to the task despite the massaging, fondling and frolicking by the ladies.

The hookers finally got fed up after one hour, 30 minutes and made to live as his time was up but the Nigerian footballer would have none of that. This led to chaos which brought about the invitation of the Police.

One of the hookers, Michaela Carter further revealed that they were disappointed as Isaac had boasted all night about the things he will do to them.

Michaela Carter says Isaac wasn’t man enough

“He had a nice body and all four of us massaged him for a full hour and a half — as long as a football match. He had been boasting to us all night about how much he earned and how much fun we were going to have. But it’s fair to say that Mr Success did not live up to his name during our night together. He seemed really keen on Baileys — swigging the stuff out of the bottle. It made me cringe because it’s so sickly sweet. He seemed a bit shy and awkward, probably because he’s only 21. After a bit of chat Alexis took charge and said it was time to get down to business,” Michaela said.

Isaac Success was later arrested while they are claims that he could be charged for assault.  The footballer it must be noted has scored just one goal in his one-year stay at Watford.

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  1. owoeye

    June 3, 2018 at 6:14 am

    Òsì ráda ràda, a child from Christian home in a mess like this? No wonder he’s not thriving in football.

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