Burnley Makes History, Defeats Chelsea At Stamford Bridge

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Burnley Makes History, Defeats Chelsea At Stamford Bridge


Sean Dyche’s men moments ago broke a long time spell at the Stamford Bridge after beating the current Premiere League winners in a 5 goal thriller game.

The defeat at home and first match of the season is the first for Chelsea since 1998 as they played against full Burnley’s squad after Gary Cahil and Cesc Fabregas were sent off the pitch.

The visitors had a fulfilled first 45 minutes as they scored three goals without getting any response from the London Blues.

Chelsea’s record signing, Alvaro Morata however came from the bench and put his side back in the game with a superb nodding, before David Luiz got the back of the net from a long ball crossed by Azpilicuta. The match later ended the in favour of the visitors who managed to hold down the Premier League champions.

Today’s defeat of Chelsea makes it three loss in a row in all England’s competition; FA Cup final,  Community Shield and League opening natch.

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