Africa’s richest woman’s husband sentenced to jail for fraud

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Africa’s richest woman’s husband sentenced to jail for fraud

There is trouble at home for Sindika Dokolò, the husband of Africa’s richest woman, Isabel dos Santos

Apparently you haven’t heard but it is no longer news that the husband of Africa’s richest woman is on his way to prison. His offence? Fraud.

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Sindika Dokolo who is married to Isabel dos Santos, Africa’s richest woman and daughter of Angola’s President, José Eduardo dos Santos was convicted for real estate fraud in what observers and critics of DR Congo’s long serving President, Joseph Kabila are describing as politically motivated.
Sindika whose father, Augustin Dokolo was also very wealthy and owned his own bank has been a heavy critic of the Congolese President who has been in office for over 16 years.

Sindika Dokolo has been critical of President Joseph Kabila

Sindika Dokolo and his brother, Luzolo were convicted in absentia and sentenced to a one year jail term over a property dispute but BlackBox Nigeria learnt that the top Art collector is on the verge of filing an appeal against the judgement.
BBN also gathered that this might be connected to the ambition of Sindika to run for Presidency against Kabila.

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