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The Nigerian Movie that Stars NINE University Lecturers 

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So many things have been written about Tunde Kelani‘s 1999 classic, Saworoide…the story of the brass crown and brass drum linked by a pact to check the excessiveness of kings in a Yoruba town called Jogbo but nobody has told you that the movie featured an array of academics.

Now let’s be the first to break this to you 18years after the epic movie was premiered. BlackBox Nigeria can authoritatively tell you not less than 9 lecturers stared in the movie which is adjourned one of the best films out of Nigeria.

Below are actors who also double as classroom teachers at Nigerian higher institutions of learning.

Kola Oyewo

Although he came into limelight after playing the lead role in Tunde Kelani’s ‘Kosegbe’ where he stared as Mako, an incorruptible Customs boss, Kola Oyewo has been in the film industry for about 5 decades.

He joined the Oyin Adejobi theater group in 1964 and has remained consistently active ever since.

However, unknown to many, he is also an academic. The graduate of the prestigious University of Ife (now OAU) and University of Ibadan (where he obtained his Masters and PH.D) has over the years dedicated his life to nurturing thespians. He started his lecturing career at his Alma mater where he rose to become a senior lecturer before moving on to Redeemers University where he was named Head of the Theater Arts Department. He is currently the head of Department of Theatre Arts at Ekiti State University.

Kola Oyewo played the greedy King Lapite in Saworoide.

Larinde Akinleye 

Unfortunately he is no more. Dr. Larinde Akinleye during his days wasn’t just a talented actor but was also a lecturer. He lectured at the University of Ibadan where he was a well known face.

He played the role of Seriki in Saworoide while his part in ‘Thunderbolt-(Magun)’ also got him top accolades. He died on March 6, 2004.

Hafiz Oyetoro

Well not a university lecturer but the popular Saka earns his pride of place amongst his senior colleagues. A comic actor par excellence, Hafiz Oyetoro became a globally discussed celeb after his infamous controversial porting deal from telco, Etisalat to rival MTN.

He has also been in the movie industry for several decades and was one of the numerous stars that appeared in Saworoide where he played the role of a youth leader who led some corrupt youths to the place in solidarity with the military takeover of General Lagata.

Hafiz Oyetoro is a lecturer at the Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education in Lagos.


Doyin Hassan

Soft spoken and talented, Doyin Hassan will be remembered as the ‘agbegilodo’ who supported the revolution embarked upon by the youths.

He is a lecturer at Lagos State University where he was once the Head of Department of Marketing at the citadel’s Faculty of Management Sciences.


Akinwunmi Ishola

Legendary playwright and dramatist, Professor Akinwunmi was one of the giants who gave ‘Saworoide’ a clout. Known to have authored several literatures, Akinwunmi Ishola made an appearance in Saworeide as the first IFA priest who produced the brass and crown and the iconic drum (Ade ide and Saworoide).

He was appointed a Professor at the University of Ife in 1991 after several years of being a lecturer at the citadel. He is also a visiting professor at the University of Georgia.


Akin Sofoluwe

Do you remember the bold and bald local head ‘baale’ who rebuffed Lapite’s assertion that they were all bastards? Yes, Oloto was his name. He is also a university lecturer.

Dr. Akin Sofoluwe who for several years played ‘Odewale’ in Ola Rotimi’s ‘The gods re not to be blamed’ is the former HOD of Broadcasting department at the Lagos State University School of Communications.

He is currently the HOD of Mass Communication department at Crawford University.


Peter Fatomilola

Worthy of note is the legendary Peter Fatomilola who played the role of IFA priest in Saworoide. While he isn’t a classroom lecturer, the elderly actor is a dramatic art instructor at Obafemi Awolowo University.


Laide Adewale

Like Peter Fatomilola, the late Laide Adewale was also a dramatic art instructor at the Obafemi Awolowo University. The demised veteran actor who played the role of ‘Otun’ in Saworoide worked in the Awo Varsity Theater as an instructor.

He has also acted in numerous movies including ‘Kosegbe’ before his demise.


Tunji Ojeyemi

His name might not ring a bell amongst Nigerian movie Lovers but Ojetunji Ojeyemi is equally a respected veteran actor and dancer who has paid his dues.

He played the role of the ridiculed corrupt Police Inspector in Saworeide and would also be remembered as Kola Oyewo (Mako)’s corrupted second-in-command in ‘Kosegbe’.

Asides being an actor and dancer, Ojeyemi is also a drama instructor at the Obafemi Awolowo University.

In 1982, he alongside Kola Oyewo and other thespians were part of the Black Arts festival team that performed in New York with Wole Soyinka as the director.

For those who were too young or for one reason or the other didnt see the movie 18 years ago, you can watch Saworoide below…

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